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Our company was created due to the enormous American healthcare costs for medical procedures. After personally experiencing healthcare in Turkey, it was clear that high quality, cost-effective options do exist, and we wanted to bring that knowledge to others. We found the medical tourism industry to be a natural extension of our many years of medical and travel-related experience.

Our aim is to promote transparency in quality, pricing and patient safety. We are a full-service medical tourism facilitator serving North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, and beyond.

With healthcare costs spiraling out of control in places like North America, UK and Europe, patients like you are looking for low cost, high quality alternatives for healthcare treatments in other countries.

But booking your own medical travel experience can be a difficult task. How do you know which medical providers in Turkey are reputable? How do you know if Turkey is the best destination? Bloom Health solves these problems for you. Language barriers and a general lack of available information on foreign websites can leave you confused and concerned whether to have a medical treatment out of your own country. With Bloom Health, we have created an extensive network of world-class medical providers and treatment clinics in Turkey, and this information is at your disposal.

A good safe medical tourism facilitator like Bloom Health solves many problems and makes your trip and treatment process stress-free. And, it will be less expensive than booking the procedure yourself due to our close relationships with our providers.

Bloom Health continually looks to improve itself by attending medical conferences with industry leaders and has assessed the quality and credentials of each doctor and facility in Turkey. We are fully committed to routinely visit every medical facility in our network and to have an intimate knowledge of our health partners. This intimate knowledge of the medical destination of Turkey, and the close relationships we have fostered, gives us greater authority when informing clients about medical procedures, facilities and healthcare professionals.

We look forward to helping you achieve an informed and seamless medical travel experience.

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