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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is among one of safest cosmetic procedures a person can have. However, not every clinic provides optimal results. Bloom Health recommends those seeking hair transplant surgery to do proper research before selecting a hair transplant surgeon.

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of hair transplantations are revisions of a previous hair treatment procedure. When it works, it results in new hair growth and is one of the only methods to combat baldness. When an operation is botched, the hair will grow in an unnatural direction and there’s a high risk for skin infection and scarring. Surgeons certified in hair transplanting procedures should be accredited by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Whether you use our service or someone else, we recommend that you ask important questions to determine how safe and sterile the clinic is. Is it accredited? Is the doctor doing the procedure or the technician? These are some common variables that factor into the quality and cost of your treatment.

The following should be considered:

  • Hair Transplants are permanent: This means any mistake, mis-angulation, mis-direction of hair follicles placed is also permanent. Lack of proper training and experience on the part of the individual performing the surgery is the primary reason this happens.
  • Donor hair number is fixed and unchanging: In FUE, anything more than 4000 grafts can potentially result in total depletion of the donor capacity, termed, “over-harvested” and is difficult to repair. Over-harvesting occurs as a result of excessive removal of the grafts or due to improper spacing between the punch sites. The size of the punch is also important as a large size punch can cause a visible dotted scar in the back of the scalp.
  • Donor area does not regenerate: There are clinics that claim that donor hair can regenerate from the places that are harvested. This is false information. A qualified and experienced surgeon should explain to you that every patient has a fixed donor capacity and cannot be regenerated.
  • Unlimited hair transplant is a falsehood: Each person has a limited number of hair follicles on their body, it would be impossible to perform an unlimited hair transplant.
  • Both high and low quotes are suspicious: Extremely high price does not represent good results or quality of a hair transplant, but you should also immediately question when you receive a very low price for hair transplant treatment. There’s a good chance that you will trading a correctly done procedure in favor of a low price.
  • An in-depth consultation is necessary: Your hair transplant consultation is a vital part of the treatment process as it’s important to learn about the expertise of the surgeon and a time for you to ask questions.

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